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Logistics Services

We are experts in transporting goods to customers with a variety of vehicles and storage solutions. We provide large scale services to bigger clientelle as well.

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Courier Services

We transport commercial packages and documents to and from customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We also ship internationally.

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Distribution Service

We offer expert relocation and warehousing solutions, as well as facilitating the process of supplying goods to retailers.

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About Us

Great transport solutions

About DoublePack Logistics

transportation company

DPL (Double Pack Logistics) is a transportation company which offers courier services, distribution and warehousing. It is based in Polokwane (LimpopoProvince) currently in operational services since 1998 and legally registered with Cipro in the year 2006.

Founded in 1998

DPL was founded in 1998 by Mr. Matsimela Joseph Chuene (Joe). For the past 13 years, it has been contracted to Avon Justine Cosmetics and Fast & Furious Distributors, rendering distribution and courier services on their behalf, on daily basis up to date.

demand for services

It is now gearing itself up for expanding its services with a line-up of twenty three (23) vehicles because of rapid growth in demand for services.

When Time Is Of The Essense

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The delivery will arrive at its destination first thing in the morning.


The delivery will arrive at its destination within 24 hours of pick-up.


Same Day

The delivery will arrive at its destination within 12 hours of pick-up.


Tailor Made

The delivery will be scheduled according to your specific requirements.

Cross Border

This is for international shipping, we will tailor the solution to your requirements.

Door To Door

The packaged will be picked up and delivered straight to the recipient.

Counter To Counter

The package will be picked up from your offices and delivered stright to the receiver.


The package will be stored at one of our warehouses, in all other instances.

We Cover A Broad Area

Provinces we opperate in


Limpopo Province


Gauteng Province


Mpumalanga Province


Northwest Province

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