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We Deliver, no matter what it takes!

Only The Best

Our Services




We build only the finest of structures, ranging from residential mansions to clusters. We provide commercial services to bigger clientelle as well.

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Electrical Services

We offer services tailored to your electrical needs, from electrical fittings in new homes to specialised security solutions and everything in between.

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General and mining

We offer a wide range of services, including general and mining supply, agriculture solutions and all other aspects of business supply.

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What We Do For You

Double Pack Trading Services

In striving to attain the highest client satisfactory mission, vision and objectives, we provide the following service:

1. Distribution Services and Management
2. Construction Services (General Building and Civil) (GB)
3. Electrical Services (EP)
4. Relocation Management System
5. Warehousing and Storage (Logistics)
6. General and Mining Supply
7. Agriculture Products and Solutions
8. General Trading

– we trade in all aspects –

We prioritise ethics and quality

Our Value Offering

We believe in adding value in everything we do

Staff who exude high touch service

Cost effective offering at the time of order, despatch and delivery

Manage all despatched Loads and Returns

Manage an agreed upon service Level Agreement.

Manage all corporate deals.

Manage information reports.

Manage Despatch Centre profiles.

Trip Reports

24 hour service.

Stick and abide to an agreed Project/Contract

Cost Effective

We aim to reduce the cost of our services by sourcing the best rates possible.



We aim to increase policy compliance on all levels.


We make use of the best technology available to us, to ensure perfect results.


Our efficiency determines our results and our customer’s satisfaction.

Our Mission Becomes Our Vision

Mission And Vision Statements


  • To provide a distinctive service to all our clients (Governmental and Private)
  • To increase market shares and range of services offered presently
  • To provide opportunities for young , ambitious and motivated people to gain the relevant and appropriate experience and entrepreneurial skills which will enable them to become productive, responsible and independent members of the communities in future


  • To be a leading participatory, driven entity, which is recognized as making significance improvement to the strategic thrust
  • To be the preferred supplier of choice to our valued clients of South Africa, be it Government or Private Sector
  • To become a globally competitive supplier with a strong financial arm

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